*still being updated 06/18*

(It will never be "DONE")
With moving back to florida from Oklahoma we needed a nice safe place on our 40 acres to house our chickens. We went through so many ideas as what to do and weighed the price options of each. But we came across a tough shed at home depot on sale as a display model and for the price we couldn't beat it. So after a lot of aggravation we finally got our shed and at a big discount even after the sales price. We went straight through TuffShed not home depot. Home depot was a horrible to deal with. Tough shed was an amazing company to deal with. They made it all worth it.
So now time to get to building.....

We got the 10×12 shed. I am going to make half the coop and the other half storage and stuff.
I picked a nice shady spot that made it up off the ground a bit with some leveling (the TuffShed guy did all leveling and anchoring-great company)

The Hubby and FIL started on the run frame. The run is 10×16 I believe. We used 2x3 8ft long for the frame work. And 4x4 10ft. For the top on the run. Soon we will have corrugated metal roof on the run.
For the run:

2x3x8- roughly 23 @ around $3.15 each
1 roll of hardwire cloth 3x50 around $28
1 roll of chicken wire 4x150 around $63
Box of screws around $10

Note: my chickens are free ranged during the day. The run is used for the ducks at night and the days I need to keep all the chickens and ducks contained.

The bottom half of the run is hardwire cloth, and the top half and the roof is chicken wire.
We put all the shavings and leaves in the run to do the DLM(before I knew what DLM was) it has worked out great!
Even with the ducks sleeping in there at night. And in our hot, wet florida weather.
Putting the Father-In-Law to work on this build
We put braces behind the plywood to screw them to, to be more secure. No insulation, dont really need it here in Florida.

I used alastamaric (definitely not spelled right lol)(its roofing paint they have all different names my FIL was a roofer and that's what he calls it) and painted the part the chickens will be in to help keep the moisture out of the wood. Will re coat every year or if needed earlier.
The pop door sides up and all the way out one day I may go auto but I enjoy going out to let everyone out/in.

We used the 2x3x8 and chicken wire to divided the inside. Making one half the coop and the other storage and such.

We used natural trees as roost bars help with coast and didnt want to waste what was on the property.
*made changes to this, photos below*
please excuse the chicken wire mess it was done in a hurry we got like 11 inches of rain in one day!! and then rained for about a week straight. But that's Florida for you.

We have added a board. It is barried under all the DL you are only seeing a quarter of it here.

We have added them mostly all the way around the run to keep things in(we get alot of rain and the sand runs with the flow) and to keep critters from digging in to the ducks. (They refuse to go in the coop unless its winter(hahah winter in florida)

UPDATE: we modifyed the roost so they had more room-