We used a shed kit from Home depot to build our coop. We built it into a nice sheltered corner of our cow barn, siloroom, and silo. I don't have pics of building it but, here it is finished and some changes we made. The coop is 8x8x8. The run was a 9x 12 kennel that we added a door panel on each end to widen it. Plus there is the fact that one part attaches to the coop in front and the other attaches on the side to add more space. The run has a metal roof to help keep out prediators and rain. There is also wire buried around the run to help keep the prediators out!
First finished:
The run was to low for me to really get in there and work so this spring we redid the run:
Another view-with the calf pens:
Entrance to coop:
Nest boxes:
Inside of coop:
I decided I didn't like the blank triangle next to the door of the coop. So I put some lettuce and sunflower seeds in it! Here's my coop garden: