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  1. OneMoreJennifer
    As I research and design my coop, I will update this page!
    I'm building a coop for four laying hens, but I want it to be just large enough for six. In researching, these are the things that I want to keep in mind:
    Coop Dimensions:
    • Interior sq. ft.: 9' minimum, 16' actual
    • Perch length: 40"-54", 48" actual
    • Perch height 30"-36" high, 30" actual
    • 2 Nesting boxes: 12" wide, 15" tall, 13" deep, 18" above floor level, each, 12"x12"x12" and 12" high actual
    • Chicken "pop-hole" door: 10" wide by 13" tall
    Coop construction:
    • Use styrofoam board insulation
    • Aluminum roofing
    • Linoleum flooring OR hardware cloth with linoleum-lined slide-out catch tray
    • Light above feeder
    • Outside waterer
    • Southern window
    • Eastern ventilation
    • No alternate perching options other than perches
    • Nesting boxes on the east
    • Human access door on the west
    • Must protect against skunks, racoons, dogs, and cats
    • Run sq. ft.: 48'-60'
    • Use 1/2" hardware cloth
    • Bury cloth 12" deep, minimum and apron 6" minimum

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