Coop update.

By busymadre · Jan 24, 2013 · ·
  1. busymadre
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    I've had a close friend building a coop for me. After working on it all week at his house, he finally was ready to move my new coop to its site in my backyard. It isn't completely done, but getting there. Too dark to take a picture so it will have to wait until tomorrow. It is very sturdy (heavy). Took my 2 teanage sons, my husband and my friend who built it to move it. Will have to level out the ground a bit, but so excited to get it in place. The run is yet to come. Still waiting to find out the due date for the little chicks. Fixed up the dog cage with heavy duty cardboard so the little darlings won't be in the draft. I have been on line looking over the BYC site and others getting "educated" in what will work best regarding the coop and the care of my chicks. More to come.

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  1. busymadre
    My chicks are due to arrive Feb 7th. Two weeks away - seems like forever:)

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