The chicken life started for my wife and I 3 years ago. It's become a part of our dailey routine and a great source of enjoyment for our children!

Nesting box access in back. It used to be an Easter egg hunt before this ... can I get an AMEN!!!

Wifes watering system (upside down view ^) ... she is the intellegence/practical creativity behind the coop and I'm the artistic designer dude!

Mounted outside the back wall. There has since been panel enclosing coop and hole cut through. Our chickens always have access to clean water!

People access door (because we're TOO FAT to fit through the front!)

Coop at night lit by 2 oil lamps for that nastalgic 1880's feel! There's some kind of romance with our coop .. what it's all about!

Our youngest daughter ... adores her favorite chicken (an Old English bantam who we thought to be a hen) named Nancy. One morning HE crowed and had to rename him ...Nancy Boy!

Lovin one of our Polish ladys ..

Our feed can ... I purchased then painted.

Path to Coopheneggin!

What it's REALLY all about! ^

My favorite lady ... Myrtle (Leghorn). One of the smaller hens but lays the LARGEST egg!!! She's as tame as a dog and is the only lady to jump on my shoulders whenever I sit in the back yard. She is equal to any pet I've ever had! Perhaps more-so pet ever fed me!

Signs I made .... just having fun!

Signs give a finishing touch and personalize the coop ... make it our own!