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  1. pysankigirl

    Apologies for the blurry will be replaced when I find my camera downloading thingie!


    This coop design started with the idea that we needed rain shelter for our goats, and if we were building a roof anyway, we might as well raise it by a couple of feet and make it a combination goat shelter/chicken coop.
    Design criteria:

    • 42” underside height for goats
    • Maximize roost length and therefore # of chickens
    • Employ the Sweet PDZ poop trays that I loved about our first coop
    • Protect the PDZ from rain
    • Have to be able to easily reach all PDZ trays to scoop
    • Maximum ventilation for summer with the ability to easily winterize

    We decided on a central entry on the underside for cleaning out the PDZ. As the coop was going to be on a seriously sloped ground, a single point at which I could stand and scoop out all of the PDZ was preferable, as well as allowing for maximum protection against rain (no exterior doors to leak) The hatch raises straight up using a rope, pulleys, and a counterweight to make it easy to open for a weakling like me…and is pointed on the top to discourage chickens squatting on it. Central access allowed easy reach to the entire coop and the 2’-0 deep PDZ trays.

    All the windows are backed with ½” hardware cloth and have sliding doors to seal them up in bad weather that ride in tracks (top and bottom.) The 5” vent that runs all the way around the coop is directly under the eaves for maximum rain protection and a board can be easily placed over top for winterizing. It also allows the chickens to see out if they are sitting on the upper roost. The copula has windows to allow in light and two are hinged at the top and can tilt in for extra ventilation as well. (They are operated by ropes from below.)



    This shows the pristine PDZ in the poop trays (not so pristine any longer)
    the rope hanging down is the counterweight for the hatch door the 2x4's above and below the windows have the channels in them for the window doors to slide on. you can also see the roosts. the vertical in the foreground is the guide for the hatch door so that it aligns properly when you lower it.

    One showing the pulleys and ropes to raise the hatch door


    One Showing the nesting box open



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  1. 21hens-incharge
    "Well done."
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    Just need more details on the roosts and nest boxes! Looks great and the drawings really help.


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  1. SilkiesForEver
  2. pysankigirl
    oh, and I guess it wasn't really clear from the photo but my land was REALLY sloping so the other side is just about tall enough to walk just duck a bit and then come up into the center and step up onto a block to clean it out. works great. but if you built it on flat land, yes, you could probably convert tit to having a side entryway easilly.
    we actually put walls on two of the sides (the windward ones) and putting walls on the other two sides would be simple.. we actually added a run to it later becuse we were having hawk problems and wanted the ability to close them up for a week at a time.
  3. pysankigirl
    oh, wow...i cant believe they posted my blurry picture. I wish now that I'd changed it out for a better one. LOL. we've been using it for some time and it is working great. the hatch was a bit heavy so I had to add another counterweight, but now that that's added it opens like a dream..
  4. RangingChicks
    Looks awesome! You did a wonderful job :)
  5. roostersandhens
    Cool coop! Congrats!
  6. MyPetNugget
    Great coop! Nice outline and plans!
  7. Randykr
    This is a very cute design, very attractive. The Chickens will love it. You may however, find that the design will hinder general human operations like cleaning and maintenance. It is made of wood so things can be changed or added to anytime.
  8. Dapplepony
    Wow! This looks great! As I'm looking for plans/designs for coops/lofts for pigeons, could this be modified to go all the way to the ground for a walk-in coop/loft?
  9. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  10. Lesia
    Very inspiring! Wish I had one now...
  11. suebee
    Awesome Coop!!
  12. pysankigirl
    granular PDZ is like Kitty just scoop the poop is great stuff. You have to enclose it with the 2x4s or it would all spill out like sand...I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!
  13. Roxannemc
    VERYNICE Nice idea no outside doors not sure i could get my old joints to bend to get under to clean though!
    I think i would have cut down or left out a piece of 2x4 on each area around the center cleaning area to just pull off the mess that will build. Slide it into whatever you will have underneath to collect it and take away
    . This way you will have to shovel it in some way as there are 2x4s on all sides of the areas to clean. Mine builds into mats of stuff that will once lifted sliding in one mass off.Its heavy to lift if you do deep litter method but maybe pdz doesnt do that like straw
  14. foxflower
    Most impressive!
  15. Trefoil
    Looks beautiful. I like the size of the pdf. I can actually read it. Getting old & blind is h.

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