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Pysankigirl's swap page

By pysankigirl · Nov 27, 2012 · Updated Apr 5, 2013 · ·
  1. pysankigirl
    I thought maybe it might help my swap willpower if I jotted this all down!

    I owe Barnevelder eggs to chick-among-us & Nakanich after the blue boy is breeding

    Swaps owed me from paypal swap:

    all are for the spring

    Babymakes6: Cream Legbar chicks post#3456
    A couple more spring chicks #3952
    Autosexing chicks #3952

    Jan 2 chicks # 5843 forfeit due to not NPIP yet...changed to MF Leghorns!!![​IMG]
    Jan 2 chicks #5845 forfeit due to not NPIP yet...changed to MF Leghorns!!![​IMG]
    Crazypetlady: Basque chicks post # 3654
    Mystery chicks #619
    Chocolate Bantam Orps eggs #4136

    Crfarm: Birchen Marans chicks post #3512
    Hen’s choice eggs late spring #4847
    Hen’s choice eggs late spring #4793
    Blue barnvelder eggs late spring/summer # (christmas eve swap)

    Silver Sussex eggs
    Swindledana: Buff laced polish eggs #4858
    forfeit due to not NPIP
    Sebrightmom: Cayuga duck eggs #5452
    madamwlf: CCL or Isbar or breese or choc wyandotte or Choc bantam ??????? spring eggs #(christmas eve swap)
    6 more eggs NYE swap #8871
    chocolate bantam orps
    6 summer eggs #2283
    Sahwithchicks: partridge rock #604
    Kraftylady: spring eggs: lav orps or Choc orps or Rhodebar or Lemon cukoo orps??????? #591
    more spring eggs hens choice orps #11585 wtg swap
    Ayeupchuck: Sign
    Hen's Chioce eggs #2252
    wooden craft object

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  1. babymakes6
    Three sets from me! :)

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