We live on a farm in Rural Idaho! We are surrounded by mountains with the Tetons at our back yard. We have a dairy farm and raise grain, potatoes and hay. My husband does not have time for the birds so that has become my hobby! I would have never guessed that i would like birds! We have been married for almost 2 years. When we were dating, my hubby bought me 5 peafowl! I have always loved peafowl. so that started my love. He already had pheasants and turkeys. Now we have 7 peafowl, 9 turkeys, 2 pheasants, 2 baby goslings, and 21 road island red chicks! In the bator we have ducks, peafowl, huns, and ringneck pheasants. We have a baby daughter and trying for another, and i have two kids from a previous marriage. Two red heelers, one himilayan kitty and one siames cross kitty. Whew thats a house full!