Welcome to my page! I am an 18 year old country boy from Portland,Tennessee. I am an FFA member and advid fisherman. I currently have 20 birds, 16 chickens and 4 ducks. I have loved chickens as long as Ive loved to fish, something always intriged me about them. I am even in a poultry judging team at my school for FFA. I own 6 acres of land and will soon fill it up with chickens. ;) I have Partridge Silkies, Black Astralorps, Rhode Island Reds, Red Stars, White leghorn, Barred rocks, Cuckoo marans, a cochin silkie mix and an unknown chick who I have just recieved. I have Four White Pekin ducks. Please feel free to PM me for anything, Im a very socialable person and love to CHAT.:p
I am no carpenter, but this gets the job done, My main coop with my large breeds and ducks.