Well, the hen house and the attached yard are finally more done then not done! YEAH! This project became WAY bigger then I expected - but I have enjoyed it!
We got the first 4 chicks on May 6, 2010 and the last 4 chicks on May 24th, 2010 for a total of 11. So, as of today July 26, 2010, they are between 9 and 13 weeks old. The breeds are really not clear - it was pretty evident when I bought them that the places were not really sure what was what - and that was OK with me because I am too naive to have an opinion! What I DO know is that I have 3 RIRs; 1 Barred Rock; 1 Buff Orpington (I identifed from a photo); 1 Brahma (with feathers on her feet/legs); plus another 1 that looks just like the Brahma but has no feather on her feet/legs - they said she was a white leghorn, but that makes no sense. As for the others: 1 was yellow and is now all white; 3 were sold to me as "Auracanas" - but they are all looking so differently that I don't know.
One of the "Auracanas" looks most definetely like its becoming a Roo. But I have started having suspicions about the other 2 as well...but then what are the odds of all three of those being Roos...?
I am hoping not many of my "girls" are going to turn into Roos because I can't keep a Roo - don't want the neighbors complaining!
Will post pics tonight....