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Coupe De Ville

  1. computer_chicken
    [​IMG] Hi - Computer_Chicken here! Newbee to the chicken raising realm. But going full tilt with building a great Coup/shed for those winged wonders.
    These 3 Buff Orpingtons/1 Buff Rock are 1 week old at this point, yes I used a trouble light with a 60W bulb for heat in a cardboard box. Needed to adjust the height of the lamp and covering the top with wood to regulate the temp. Used a large box when they got bigger. Found that they liked dry leaves to play with and fresh grass. I used paper towels and just changed them out daily.
    Began with an idea I saw on this Web site, so here I have started the building inside the garage. To be moved later at the unused end of my garden.
    Dino Chicks on a test run of their new home. I put their cardboard box inside the partially finished coup and cut a hole so they could venture out in that strange world they have yet to experience. Just a short time for freedom and then back into the cardboard coup.[​IMG]
    Still building - fitted all the exterior sheathing and roof trusses inside, only secured a few screws here and there so that it could be dissasembled and moved.[​IMG]

    WOW the Coup is done! Just waiting for the eggs now.
    Thanksgiving Day 2008 - Rocky laid an Egg!! Fantastic timing.

    This is my page

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