My name is Patti and my sisters name is Crystal. We adopted 11 hens and 1 rooster that were abandoned in the woods and rescued by the local SPCA in January. This was our first time having chickens. We had 3 EE's, 3 Leghorn, 1 Amerucana, 4 Aussies and the roo was an EE. We converted part of one of the storage buildings on our property into their coop it is about 10x8 and is eight feet tall, we made an enclosed covered run that is 10x12 and have since added an uncovered area 10x9 to that this spring. Shortley after we got them th roo started to attack my children and us so he had to go. Life with chickens has been a wonderful experience. We sell the eggs to co-works and friends so the chickens seem to be the only animals that pay for themselves. About a month ago we had a coon get into the coop and he killed our 4 Aussies, it was very sad for us to lose them. We set some traps and caught the coon and relocated him to state game lands 25 miles away. So we now have 7 hens and would like some more. Also 3 weeks ago we adopted a scovy duck that was brought to the SPCA by someone that found it. The duck had a broken leg and had a cast put on, he got it off last week though. He still seems to be having some problems witht he leg and right now is living inside our house. We are working on making him an outside coop & run but he will be an indoor/outdoor pet.