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By craftbug1021 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. craftbug1021
    Just have to say, I love love love my chickens!
    I have silkies and EE's and one that I am not sure what she is. I started out with 6 from tractor supply, 3 years ago, thought it would be a fun project for my granddaughter. We ended up with 4 Roosters and 2 hens. I made a chicken tractor out of a shelf I had from a retail store, and a dog kennel. We then went to a 10x10 dog kennel. We gave 3 of the roosters away and kept Henny and Gertie and Scott. Scott turned mean, as he only had 2 hens, no one was going to mess with them. So we gave Scott to a friend who had 8 hens and he was much happier. I went to a swap meet to buy more chickens and saw a silkie for the first time and it was instant LOVE!!! I purchased a little white roo and named him Melvin. Loved this little guy he would hop on my foot for me too pick him up he was precious. Unfortunately he was killed by a possom or coon....I was devestated. I went back to the lady I got him from and took my husband..(this was the beginning..) and we came home with not one roo but a black and a white one, and 2 white hens. Merlin, Bert, Maxine, and Belle. Merlin turned into a hen although she acts like a rooster and does that neck fluff thing and fights the roosters, but she sits and lays eggs, not real sure if its because of her name or what....
    Gerties story. She was pulled thru the bottom of the tractor by a possom or a coon, and it shredded and broke her leg. I heard her screaming at 3 in the morning run out and see her in the bottom of the tractor all freaked out. Her sister slept thru it, that amazed me. I bring her in and tell my husband he has to wring her neck. He cant do it, I cant do it, so he tells me to look on the internet to see if a one legged chicken can golly there were video's of one legged chickens. We cut her leg off with tin snips. Put her in a tote on chucks and kept her in the house till it healed. When I put her back out a couple months later Henny jumped her as soon as she was out. So I moved her in with the silkies where she has been ever since, she hops everywhere she needs to go.

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