Hello! This is my first go-round with chickens. I have two sweet EEs that the whole family loves (even the cats). We live in what used to be a small farm back in the day. We're working on converting an old coop into modern-day digs for the girls. At least I think they're both girls. I have suspicions about one!


I first wanted chickens for the fresh eggs. I had no idea they were so personable. I find myself missing them when they're not around!
DH & DS helped to refurbishing the old chicken coop and build a run. The coop is 8 x 8' and the run is 8 x 10'. This is good news for me, because that means I can get more chickens! The previous owners left plenty of junk in our yard which we were able to reuse, so we were able to do everything for around $75. I'll be taking more pictures as soon as I get all of the tools and junk cleaned up. During construction we thought, all this for two chicks? Got the go-ahead from DH to get a few more.