I have always wanted chickens so in 2010 my dream came true. My daughter and I dismantled the old broken down shed in my backyard and built an 8 x 10 hen house from a kit purchased at Lowe's. We built a 16 x 24 yard, completely covered top to bottom with chicken wire to keep out the many predators we have here. It was a major project!
In June, the local pet store was selling Barred Rock and Americauna chicks. We picked out four and brought them home. They were 97% guaranteed to be hens. Yeah, I believed it! Well, as they grew, it became increasingly apparent that we had only ONE hen!
We traded off two of the roosters and brought home three new hens. We kept the Barred Rock rooster and named him Victor. My hens how include a Barred Rock (Della), a black Cochin (Jet Li) and two Americaunas (Violet and Henny Penny).
They have very different personalities and I enjoy them so much. Chicken keeping has been so rewarding and fun. All of he hens are laying and Victor is very sweet. I love to spoil them! My grandaughter loves to collect the eggs.
I am grateful for the Backyard Chickens website. It has provided me with so much valuable information.