My addiction began when my daughter brought me 12 chickens to live on our 5 acres in the mountains of Blue Ridge Georgia. Since then, I lost two, gave away two, and added more.
Let me introduce you to my "flock"

"The Roosters"
"King Nanner"
He is a Batam Frizzled Polish. Currently, he is the head rooster in charge. He probably is the oldest . I bought him at the local feed store. I had quiet chickens before Nanner arrived. Seems the feed store teaches them how to crow.

Is one of the original 12. Barred Rock, so I have been told. At the moment, I don't believe that he has figured out that he is twice the size of Nanner as he runs from Him. He started crowing about 2 months after I brough home Nanner, but I think it scares him too much to keep doing it. He pretty much ruled the roost until Nanner came to live here


Seems I "lost" two hens and "gained" two more roosters.
Evil Chicken and Chickie Little were part of the original 12 that my daughter brought up. It appears that they have turned out to be roosters too.


"Chickie Little"
He is a Bantam Brahma. He may just be hatchery quality, but he has the courage of a lion.


"Evil Chicken"
Appears that he may be a Sex Link. He is just an evil chicken, if you ask me.

The "Girls"