Crosswinds Farm
A Multi-animal Farm Now introducing Chickens to our Herd!

Welcome to our farm and thanks for visiting us!

First lets start by introducing ourselves and tell you a little about our farm. We are a young couple (mid 20s), married 2 years, we just bought our first house in fall 2010. Our house is located in beautiful Orford, New Hampshire along the Conneticut River. We own 4 open acres cut out of a large 40 acre corn field. We own three horses, two australian sheperds and two cats. This year we raised our first set of pigs for meat and grew our first garden. We love growing and producing our own food. We are slowly trying to build up our farm, we have plans for a barn and we are looking into raising our own icelandic sheep.

Now on to the chickens:
So the plans were to eventually (in a year or two) to get chickens because we love eggs, but when a friend stated her father was giving his 8 chickens away and all the stuff to go with them, we couldn't pass up the deal. So now we are currently building a coop and getting ready to add chickens to our farm! So right now we are in the middle of the building stage of our coop. We have decided to build an 8x8 coop so next year we can get more chickens.

Here are building pictures from the beginning. Note: we are very beginner carpenters and are learning as we go:)
The Base The start of the frame

The Walls are going up