Hello I am new to this forum. I am also new to chicken raising. Here is a picture of the chicken coop my husband built. We have Rhode Island Reds and Silkies. They do not get along so well so we needed a two story coop with seperate runs. It is working well.

Here is a Red hen going into the upper story by the ramp that has shingles on it for grip.
Here is a bigger picture to show the cleaning slots under each story.
It's on wheels and can be pulled by our lawnmower if needed. We have to detach the runs and move them by hand.
This is the view of inside the back door. The egg boxes for each story.
I think my husband did a great job in modifying this to take care of both birds. Now when will I see some eggs. These chickens were hatched around Easter this year?
(9/8/09) We started getting eggs about a month ago from the Rhode Island Reds. We got our first Silkie egg 4 days ago and have had 2 more since then. I need to know how to tell if I should leave the egg for them to hatch it. The Silkies are one male and one female so I'm sure they will be making little ones. So far they do not stay with the egg and it feels slightly cool to the touch so I take it. I am going to hope they know when they should stay with it. So much to learn for me.