[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Hi from Shelton, Connecticut![/FONT]​
My family of four kids (Derek, Devin, Daisy & Little Roy) live here with husband/father Roy and our many pets - two labs, mini doxie, rat terrier, two rescued barn cats, two guinea pigs, seven rabbits and our flock: EE/Dorking X Rooster Moolie, 3 RI Red hens Strawberry, Cherry and Undertaker - sorry, its little Roy's bird and he is into watching old wrestling tapes!, australorp Mammy, silkie Blanca and silkie rooster Rudy, Belgian d'uccle roo Sammie, frizzle bantam cochin rooster Fabio and his bantam cochin hen Zsa Zsa, easter egger Kiwi, orpington Raven, Seabright hen Allie. Also two guinea fowl (the "screaming mimis"). I built my pretty purple and white coop myself - stupidly, in the driveway and it almost killed my husband and father-in-law moving it up the hill to the coop (eek). Second coop (separating banties from the full-sized chickens) from Craig's list quickly followed, now up to two 10 X 20 covered runs plus separate run for guineas (who do bully the chickens and so had to be separated). Bought an incubator, hatching eggs and having so much fun!

Roy is a welder who works in boilers all day (a nasty, dirty and sometimes dangerous job) and I am a freelance writer & have a shop, Talisman, which gives me the freedom to take care of the family and our beasties: www.talismanct.com and http://blog.ctnews.com/lenhard
Life is good!