So my user name is Cucumber Queen because I have so many cucumbers coming on now out of only two bigger biggest plants taller then the tomato cage I put over it to hold it up. The goats and the donkey Buford love the cucumber peelings and Kiwi peelings. The chicken love left over rice and really any left over dinner I give them. Only have three hens left and one big red rooster I call Big Red between the racoons and chicken hawks and now fighting the snakes, started with ten hens down to three, trying to get some eggs to hatch for a new start. Finally got one egg out of four to hatch and got one little peeper, don't know what the sex is yet I call it a he because he is very vocal. The little peeper is about three months old now and has been in with the other hens for over a month doing very well and growing. It is August now and the cucumbers are gone, bugs finished them off all I have left are green peppers and a few melons.