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By CupidsDelite · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
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  1. BackSwampGirl
    Hey April,this is Sandra I just had to let you know that my eggs I goit from you are looking so good.This is day 7 and they all look good.They have a big air cell at the top and the bottom is filling up fast.I am so happy with them....Still working on pens but they can stay in house for a while.Praying all will hatch or at least some will.I will keep u informed.
  2. BackSwampGirl
    I am so Happy about these pretty little eggs.I want to candle them so bad,but I am going to wait just a couple more days.I would refer Cupidsdelite for eggs.She is such a very sweet Lady and packs and ships the best I have ever seen.Very clean eggs and so cute,BackSwampGirl Thanks again,Sandra Huffman

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