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By Koeyohte · Jun 3, 2013 · Updated Jan 3, 2014 ·
  1. Koeyohte
    Swap Offers – all handmade by me. Custom for you :)

    I am interested in side swaps! I do love surprises/random offers. I do hope to find people to swap with to help out with my babies. Especially items specifically for my birds (Silver pheasants, Bourbon Red turkeys and Bobwhite quail), or art-related supplies as well as handmade creations by you! (jams, etc. included).

    *The following are all previously made examples - for your particular item, you tell me what you would like and I will paint/draw/etc it for you ^^ These usually take me a few weeks to complete and have sent out.

    1.) Hand-painted, personal mugs and drinking glasses (anything glass or ceramic, Ex. soap dispenser, plates, etc.): These run starting at a $25 value.

    2.)Tagua pendant necklace, pyrographed with design: These start at a value of $7

    3.) Hand made Mobiles (made from only natural materials. No fake or imitation materials or glue used):

    (You choose from a list of gemstones to be included /up to 2/ and feathers/colors) These start at a value of $8.


    Magnets: These start at a value of $7.


    More coming (soaps and car decals!)

    Soap scents to be included (more in development):
    Black raspberry
    Chocolate mint
    Cucumber melon
    Eucalyptus mint
    Hazelnut chocolate
    Honey almond
    Pink Grapefruit
    Rosemary mint
    Vanilla Pomegranate

    Thank you for your interest :D


    I owe:

    Owed to me:
    Fruitful Faith - Alaska canned goods

    Coolio swap pages:

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