Hey Guys,

After thinking about a design between a tractor and Hen house, I came up with this. It has a convertible roof that lifts up and over If I want it to w/ chicken wire on top. The house also has a door on the right where I can clean out the poop. Above it are their perches. The Hen boxes are on the left and the lid can be opened for easy retrieval of eggs. The floor is pond liner w/ sand over at the moment. It needs a cleaning and I'll be trying out wood chips instead of the sand. I plan on making a trap door and enclosing the bottom so they have access to the dirt at all times. It is pretty heavy and takes 4 guys to move it. It probably was overkill with the wire and visqueen on the inside, but I want them to be warm and I want th thing to last forever. I also want to be able to clean it out easily, hence the pond liner and visqueen so I can power wash it with the hose when I need to. Any questions or comments are welcome! This is my first Hen house and batch of chicks so I am new to the hobby. I believe the chicks are Bardrock and Australorp. Thanks and Enjoy!





Plans as promised:


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