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Hello, my name is Caleb - welcome to my page! I am interested in gardening, hobby farming, and living sustainably. I currently have a small flock of chickens that provides me with eggs for eating and for egg sales. I would like to expand and try other types of poultry and livestock in the future, but I have limited space, time, and money. I cannot raise poultry or livestock where I live right now, so my friend and his wife have graciously allowed me to raise my chickens at their place alongside their birds. I am learning a lot through experience and by reading on BYC forums....I am trying to learn as much as I can now so that when I have my own hobby farm I can be more prepared![/FONT]

[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I started out in the fall of 2008 with 8 pullets that I bought from a BYC member. I got 5 Barred Rocks and 3 Buff Orpingtons. Here they are adjusting to their new home:[/FONT]


In the spring of 2009, I ordered 12 pullets of various breeds through Meyer Hatchery's Small Order Program. I ordered 5 Ameraucanas (Easter Eggers!), 2 Black Australorps, 2 Blue Andalusians, 2 Silver Spangled Hamburgs, and 1 Gold-Laced Wyandotte. I got exactly what I ordered and I have been very pleased with their service and their birds. Here are the babies, April 09:


One of my Buff Orpingtons went broody about a month before I got the chicks, so I ended up letting her foster some of the hatchery chicks. It went very well...she proved to be a great momma hen!

The little Blue Andalusian quickly became my buddy. Her name is 'Legs'...here she is perching on top of the brooder box.

Here are more pics of the Meyer girls growing up...


The Golden-Laced Wyandotte pullet 'Lampshade' and the two Silver Spangled Hamburgs:

And this is 'Roosty' a free RIR cockeral:


This summer a neighbor's rooster decided to move in after he lost his hens...pretty handsome fella!

After the new roo moved in, my broody Buff Orp decided she wanted to set again this August, so...I let her set on some eggs and sure enough, she hatched out 6 healthy little fuzzballs. She is an amazing momma. Since the 5 dark ones have Barred Rock moms, they appear to be sex-linked...looks like 4 black girls and 1 barred boy so far....

Well that's the latest with my flock. The Meyer girls I got in April are starting to lay now. That's about it....I will try to post pics and keep this page updated as the birds continue to grow and develop!
Thanks for visiting.