Hello All BYCer's..I'm new to this forum and I sure do like what I read.
My obsession with Chickens & Ducks started about 3 years ago. I wanted to get some Chickens for my Grand kids to experience. I thought they would get a big kick out of gathering the eggs and just learning about chickens. Well, my thought went over real big, we had to have more Chickens. At first they chickens didn't lay enough eggs for all my grand kids to each pick up their OWN eggs, then by getting more chickens, of course there were more eggs. This made the kids very happy. The next step for them was to learn HOW to make Scrambled Eggies ( they just love them with ketsup on, I got them started on that )...So, first I taught my 3 year old grand daughter and then her 6 year old brother. Now, my 2 youngest grandsons are 3 now and 2..I don't think they are to the ready for this step yet. I just got the 3 year old to stop clapping the eggs together when he gets them. Jack would get sooooo excited that he got to get eggies that he would clap the eggs together and we all know what happens then. Jack would CRY, he would get so sad because he broke his eggies. Now, Wyatt ( the 2 year old ) he likes to get the eggs but he also like to break them. So, as of today, my oldest grandson, Evan who is 7 can make scrambled eggies, an omlet ( ham & Cheese ), french toast and he can peel a mean hard boiled egg. Lauryn, my grand daughter is now 4 and she can make scrambled eggies, start an omlet and french toast, but leave the hard boiled eggs to her brother.
This summer we had a some baby Bantams hatch out and they are so cute! Everyone ask me, What are you gonna do with them?..I tell them that they are my yard ornaments and thats all they are. We enjoy all our animals...I've discovered that I prefer to be with my animals than most people. I have been selling my eggs since last year. This year I started to sell my eggs at the local farm market and I would sell out every week ( 31-33 dozen a week ). The farm market has ended for the year so now my customers from the farm market are coming out to our farm every saturday to get their eggs. My eggs are pasture raised or cage free and the people just go nuts over these eggs. I charge $2.50 per dozen and others around here are charging $4.00 for the same thing.