About me -
Hello my name is Alan and I live in Berkley Ma. , On 3.5 acre of wooded land with a 1800 sq. ft Log Cabin ( which is what the WIFE wanted and sit back some 350 +feet off the main road ) and a 792 sq. ft . Garage/ Barn (18ft. X 44ft) which sit back about 100 ft from the house and a( 12ft. X 12ft) Chicken Coop which sit back about 20 some feet from the main garage or about 470 ft. from the main road ( which is what I wanted plus the land -LOL ) We been they since the year of 2006 .

I’m at the present time 48 yrs old , and I‘ve been married now for some 28 yrs as of 2009 to my lovely wife Dawn, but I call her "Dinky Dink: as a nick name and still do as of to day . I have 2 loving’ Children –A son 22 and a daughter 27 and a grandson of 6 yrs .old and one loving’ grandchild due this May 2010 from by son and his girlfriend , I also have 3 puppies a mommy ( Lola) , which is a Shin Tzu breed at -7 yrs. old , A daddy ( Gizmmo ) is a Pe Shih- at 10 yrs old and one of the pup's which is ( DeBo ) from one of the 2 litters of 13 puppies from mom & dad which is 5 yrs old .

I am now into raising a small /or as some would say - large flock of about (at one time or another more now then before )some 50 + asst. Chickens and some 10 asst, Turkeys , along with some asst. Button Quail and some asst. breeds of larger Quail - Bobwhite - and Cotuniy quail . I'm also raise during the winter/spring months 15 + Cornish X Rock Chickens and 15 broad breast Turkeys each year for feeding my family along with the eggs from my flock of barnyard chickens.
What started out as a small hobby like the rest of the pets / hobbies “ya right” that I have or had, turn out to be a big major project as usually as my wife would say .
I (have / or had /during my 28 yrs of marriage and longer ) is
60+ Koi and some Fancy Goldfish & a 5000 gal. pond still do ( but down to about 25 koi & some fancy goldfish now ) .
As for Rabbits well in the mid. to late 90’s I had 3 fancy long hair rabbits in the house and litter box train like my puppies but as of now none at the present time but soon to be adding to my Farm once again this spring/ summer (2010) now I have the room and barn or barns to be adding to my mini farm.
I also had a wholesale and retail business in selling reptiles & exotics pets back in the early 90”s to mid/ 90’s selling and/ or raising all sorts of lizards , snakes, turtles ,hermit crabs ,crazy spiders and all sorts of exotics creep creatures as one would say , but none at the present time but my son and daughter still have a few of them as pets .
I do have several Tropical fish tanks now set up now but not as many as before ( had over 50 tanks set up at one time ) now I have a set up with a assortment of fish- I also had back in the 80’s and early 90‘s a few saltwater fish tanks,–and I had in the early 90’s also ferrets too, ----- just love these little guys ---- None as of now , but maybe in the future of 2010 but
don’t tell the wife .
As for Birds , well parakeets and finches and doves which I just got back into again, in my chicken coop I build a year ago a 4 ft long X 18” wide X 4 ft. high cage inside of the chicken coop with a outside fly pen of 4’ X 4’ X 4’ outside fly cage . The Dove have there own cage /pen for now but thinking about placing them in with the ducks in there large aviary.
Told ya I was crazy about animals as I’ll always was --- N ---

always will be.
This coming spring (2010) I will be adding some Ducks like woods , mandarins ruddy shelduck , black east indies ,& ect. to my large aviary ( 50 X 16 ft X 12FT,) that I just build at the end of the year of 2009 and also some breeding duck pens .

I’m now looking into getting a few pygmy goats which I promise my grandson that I would get him 2 yrs ago and I’m thinking on getting 2 mini donkey to be place together in another small barn which I’m starting to build for this coming year 2010 . I'm also starting to build pheasant runs and doing some reserch of keeping and breeding Pheasant which I will be also added to my collection and hobby sometime in the year of 2010 .
At this present time I am on disability and had to Quit work due to having stage 4 Cancer and they told me that I only had 6 months to live back in Dec. of 2008 ,
Well it’s Dec. 2009 which is a year later and I’m still “ALIVE” .......
I Thank God , my Family & my Animals
this is what keeps me going each and ever day !