Dallas Chickens
So we decided that it would be a good idea do get a couple chickens for our back yard. Farm fresh eggs, a new hobby and some new pets are always good. We looked at a lot of coop designs before we decided to go with the playhouse style coop. We got a lot of inspiration from mikenorthwest's coop. The size is 6' wide by 3' deep by 7' tall. The frame is made with pressure treated 2x4s and held together with pocket hole joinery. The Kreg Jig is my new favorite tool! We started building around noon on Saturday and thought we would be finished by Sunday night, but it took us about a week to get it ready for chickens. We had a great time building it and are looking forward to having fun with our new chickens.
Here are the pics.
First we laid out some 2x4s to see how they would go together.

Then we started cutting 2x4s for the frame.

Drilling the pocket holes with the Kreg Jig. The garage was a big mess!

The frame going together. We had to get out the tiki torches. I hope chickens eat mosquitos.