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    Welcome to My BYD Page (BackYardDucks)
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    In April 2008 I started with three runner ducklings from the local ranch store.
    They were two fawn and whites and a chocolate.
    The fawn and whites both turned out to be drakes, so I found two more hens
    to add to the flock, a Khaki Campbell and a Welsh Harlequin.
    Here is Bridgett, my first Welsh Harlequin Duck (click on pics to enlarge).

    My chocolate runner Aretha, hatched a clutch of ducklings in May 2009!

    Here is Aretha with the first two ducklings that hatched.

    She hatched eleven ducklings, and then we added two
    Welsh Harlequins ducklings for her to foster.


    Keeping thirteen ducklings warm!
    Auntie Bridgett loved to be with the ducklings.
    Momma with one of her daughters and the two Harlequin ducklings.

    The same blue runner daughter almost grown up.


    I love it when the Harlequin ducklings get their spots:


    September morning in the backyard.

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  1. Zoepoppydo
    My daughter and I were admiring Bridgette, trying to imagine what our new ducklings would look like. Thanks for sharing about her, it made me realize I made the right choice for my first ducks. Since you seem to know a lot about ducks, I was wondering if you could answer a question. We ordered 3 hens and 1 drake. The drake has an orange bill and feet and the hens have darker bill's and feet. Some of the information on the internet says the opposite for drake's and hen ducklings. You have a picture of two ducklings and that is what our 3 hens look like. Did we get 3 hens or was there a mess up? Please help. -Zoë

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