How ya doing?
My flock.

I went to get six and the sign said not resplonsable for high mortality rate so I brought 12 home. It was 3\19\09 and they were suppose to have hatched around three days before which meant we all had the same hatch day although mine was a long time ago.

Roo 1, BB Roo 2, MR Roo 3 Dude Roo 4 Beardless Roo 5 Rose Nose

Roo 6 Crow Beeper The only one still at home. Crow close up
!Layed her first egg Labor day!
And they just keep on coming Beaker #2 and Opie the smallist appear to be male and I'm worried about Princess and Honey. At least Moon (first named) and Beaker #1 don't appear to have any spurs. Although the males try to mount Moon, Honey and Princess I don't know yet. ???? High mortality rate Hell high male rate!

Home Sweet Home Access open and first born Ramp of terror Closed birthing room Back doors

Pen access and small storage My youngest and Beeker. Busy waiting room. Nesting box also!

Moon (Top boss) Honey (Enforcer) Princess (Inbetween) Beeker #1 (Cute)

More of Honey New Girls, Red Sex Link(RED) and EE'er (MANGO)both not bantems, Only two
and a half months old and almost the same size and the bantems.

Moon's first egg on her 20 week old birthday, she has been giving us one ever day since. Since the second egg they have all been uniform in size and shape and they have white speckles in the first week there were large random speckles but they have become much small and more even. She is the boss hen and she needs to get after the other girls. Both Honey and Princess have really started getting red combs and waddles but no eggs from them yet. It appears that the speckles come and go some times moon lays with speckles and sometimes not. Princess's eggs are the same color but have red speckles. and Honey has no speckles at all just a lighter tan colored egg.

Moons 1st Princess 1st Honeys 1st
All of the girls are laying the same basic colored eggs as moon's but different plates, magnifications and lighting makes the color look different also moons and princess eggs were really close to the same size. Moons first egg was a little smaller than the following eggs but both are layijng the same size eggs now. Beeker has started squatting when you come up on her but I've heard that silkies can take up to 8 months to lay.??? The new girls are probably still three weeks away at least.
8-26 All four of my first girls are laying now I made some changes in the nesting area and most are laying in the boxes now. Moon may be the boss but the smallest hen Honey is the enforcer when it's bed time she runs every one else off the roost. When I check on them after dark it is Moon and Honey on the roost and the rest in the bedding till I put everyone back on. The new girls are bigger than all of my first chickens but still at the bottom of the order. They are still making baby talk but I expect a change in the near future. When they are twice as big I can't see them not changing the order. In the end I expect Mango to be the lead.
7-26-10 Lots of changes after a year mistakes and just plan wrong.

4-7-10 Almost five months
old rest in pease, you were all so dear!

She was such a good boss Princes drop do to The new boss Honey! A baby picture of her
(Princes has a long road a head), bugs and molt
refused to be locked out of coop,
found dead in it.

Red and Mango at the spa.
Red is now a working girl at a farm on the west side of town.
The north eastern run.

The local residents Mango on the east side