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By Das777 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Das777
    well here is my problem... I have chickens and my definition of having chickens is a constant struggle to keep them contained... They would be fine free ranging but they like to visit the neighbor's yard.. directly under a big tree that has [​IMG] mouth watering birdseed... all would be fine and dandy but my neighbors are lawncare fanatics and they don't like the chickens digging their "perfect yard" up [​IMG] and his wife calls us up and yells at us "the chickens are in the yard...[​IMG] (whatever [​IMG])"... anytime I try to contain them (In their "foolproof" fence...[​IMG]) 1 or 2 hens minimum seem to find their way outside [​IMG]. I have tried and tried to get them to stay inside their fence but my hi fliers always find a way out...[​IMG] I have just recently put up a 6 foot fence around the chicken yard and to my horror the ringleader of the escape squad took one look at the fence... checked it one more time and flew up to it... [​IMG]rested in the middle of the highest part of fence [​IMG] I took her down from her perch and put her back in the fence... and I don't think that she has tried to get out since... (come to think of it, it has been raining here since that day) now to my question... If I clipped the hi flier's wings would they be able to get to a 3-4 foot high perch? (if someone could help me with this problem it would be VERY mutch appreciated...) the only other thing to do is to put fencing on top of the yard, but I would like to try to avoid this If it is at all possible but again I am at the end of the rope...
    I think that I should have been a bit more clear on this one...my big question is whether or not clipping my chicken's wings would allow them to get up to a perch that is about 3-4 feet off the ground... I have the fencing that is needed to put it on top, but I have misplaced the wire to keep everything together :he.... I do realize how frustrating to my neighbor's as I have to chase them off their lawn (technically chickens are birds and birdseed is for birds and at the least they are keeping the squirrels away :idunno (I think their big problem with them is that they "dig up the lawn" which they don't).... but again I will state my question... Will clipping their wings leave them unable to get onto their 3-4 foot high perch... Funny thing is that my neighbor only started to complain when I started work on the new and improved fence but who knows...

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