Not too much new here. We are down to 2 hens as of this past week. I am about ready to buy or make muzzles for both of our Aussies. I am fairly certain the mom is doing the killing, but she is teaching it to the pup, and that is just unacceptable. The eleven chooks are doing well, though, and three are so big, they can be put in the main coop during the day.  The others are still too small -- they can fit through the cyclone fencing on the backside of the run, and the two older hens (only one year old) go after the smaller ones.  It's still safer to have them separated, though we may try the 'sneak the new pullets in, in the middle of the night' trick, and see how that works.  They're fully feathered, just not as big as the older hens. Gotta go make food for the troops again. :)