~~crazy chickens lay scrambled eggs~~
You can call me the crazy chicken lady, I dont mind!
I am working on jazzing up my page, apparently my fancy ipad
doesnt work well with others and it wont let me upload from it.
Here is a picture of our coop.
The coop and the chickens came to us for FREE, they were basicly re-homed

by a friend who found out she was allergic to eggs.

the dog kennel was a craigslist purchase for $100,

and the play cube was $20 at a garage sale.

yes, our chickens have a play ground,

I took off the slide and added a ladder, cuz Im not THAT crazy!

we have 3 adult reds =crazy bette, Lavern & sherlie

Baby chicks = Olga EE, Spot SLW, Buddy GLW, Molly black silkie, Snowflake White silkie


Here are the girls on their 2nd day outside. They are roosting like big chickens already!

here is "Buddy" who I fear may be a roo. what do you think?


this is Snowflake, one of my silkies. shes a Doll. nice stink eye tho huh?