Hello! I'm Hannah and I live at Wise Steward Farm in Georgia. We're a small farm - we moved here from Florida in Sept. of 2006 with two cats. We didn't get out first "farm animals" until April 2007. And that was our first order of hatchery chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery. We ordered about 20 chicks of varying breeds. In June of 2007 we added 4 Guinea keets to the farm- Mary, Pippin, Frodo, and Sam.
Since then we have expanded the farm to a total of 1 cat, 6 dogs, 1 Jersey/Holstein bull, 3 peafowl, around 30 guinea fowl, 3 Buttercup chickens, 8 Silkie chickens, and 30+ other chickens. Mom's goal is to get a dairy heifer, some milking goats, and possibly sheep. Along with always having our own fresh fruits and veggies and eating healthy. My goals are to get ducks, maybe geese, and to breed quality Buttercups and Silkies. I would also like to feed our birds as self-sufficiently as we can.
Our peafowl are still young - the cocks are almost 2 and our hen almost 1 - so we are anxiously awaiting the first egg from them, although we know it may not come 'til next year. We cannot wait for our first hatch of peachicks!
While my main attention this year and for the next few years to come will be focused on improving my Sikies and Buttercups, I'm still going to be hatching out my guineas a lot and running after them keeping tabs on their nests. Dad has been planning an area to fence off strictly for our guineas to nest in during the spring/summer, and we hope by next year it'll be completed so that we have a lot less loss of hens/nests and more successful nests and hatches.
Soon (probably won't be 'til next year) I'd like to get a few new purebreds to add to the main flock of chickens. It's mostly mixed breed offspring of our first birds now, but we do still have a few of the originals left. I'd like to try some Black Copper Marans, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Silver Spangled Hamburgs, Light Brahamas, and maaaybe a Pheonix or two.