Decorating your coop? Some ideas and tips

By Farming Frenzy · Jul 17, 2014 · ·
  1. Farming Frenzy
    So, you're out feeding your flock. You step into the coop, and find yourself standing on the dry, bare ground. If your coop consists of the basic feeder, perches and shelter - here are some tips on making it look chick chic.
    Remember, they're chickens! Don't go turning your coop into the queen's living room, but make it comfy for them. You want to look for things that benefit you and your chickens. Like plants! How many times have you seen your chickens rush out and start pecking at the fresh green leaves outside? There's no doupt about it, chickens love grass. But, you can't just plant it in the coop, for the hens would immediately rip and gobble it up. There are various solutions to growing grass, but I found this was the best:

    Grow the grass in a large wooden box or frame. Place wire mesh on top, so when it grows over the mesh the chickens can eat it. However, they cannot rip the roots out.

    You can also make the nesting areas look cute with little touches like curtains. Curtains are very good for chickens, as the hens like nesting in dark areas. The curtains will provide a feeling of security for your hens while they are nesting. Curtains can be nailed onto the yop of the box, or you can put a long pole horizontally that holds the fabric. The only downer to nailing curtains is that since they are unremovable, you will have a hard time cleaning.

    Another great and beneficial accessory is the tyre or log. Chickens love bugs, as you already know and will do anything to get them. Putting a log or tyre in the coop will atttract worms and other insects from underground. Every few days, you just need to roll it over and let the chickens have their feast. Try not to put a large pile of logs, as this could easily attract centipedes that might hurt your chickens.
    Nesting boxes made from hollow logs also look natural and make a secure nesting place for hens.

    Also, if you live in cold or chilly climates, consider different lighting in your coop. You can try neon or red lighting to provide warmth and a calm mood. This can be more difficult however because you may need a plug/electricity connected to your chicken house.

    Well, whatever you do, make sure it makes the coop better for your chickens!

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