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A coop in a bower on a hill

My urban chicken experiment

This is Antonia, a Barred Plymouth Rock. Antonia hatched two weeks before the other chicks. When they were tiny they all turned to her for comfort, and would peep when we took her from the brooder.


Toni's role as live security blanket evolved into one of flock leader. She's always seemed inquisitive and self-assured, and happy to be head hen.

Here she is laying her first egg.

Billina, our smaller, and lighter-colored Buff Orpington. I had always wanted to name a chick after the little yellow chicken in the Wizard of Oz series, and here she was!

Nancy, named after a friend who researches chicken genetics.

Echo, a blue-splash frizzle Giant Cochin (our chicken with all the bells and whistles).

That said, Echo might actually be a baby penguin.

This site is under construction!