Well it began for us with watching a neighbour enjoying his small flock for a few years.
The more we found out about chickens as pets the more we kept asking questions... one day we asked ouselves - what about chickens?
So we designed and hubby constructed (is constructing) a coop and run ! We are new to all of this so have lots to ask about everything!
Lucky for us we've had the neighbours input and while we hunt for the first birds to make our coop a home - we have enough room for 9(ish)
Might be nice to say what my wishes are now and come back later and see ow the story unfolded in the end .......
So the wishes are - about 9 friendly laying hens... I would be happy with any kind but kind of like ones that are blue splashed, or mottled...
Mille Fluer looks interesting too..... but the favorite breeds would be: Orpingtons,Cochins,Jersey Giants.
We have cold winters here (Ontario) and live in a micro climate on an escarpment ,farms all around us- lots of wind!
We lead a double life - office geeks by day, feather fancier by night !
Well that's it for a start , can't wait to learn more about how some of these other great pages were set up.
Della (Della333 on BYC)