Oct 3 2011 - they are 5 months now, well not quite.
The chicks got to hang out in the pen today. They love getting out of the coop run - this is really a misnomer. They can walk around; there isn't enough space for them really. When I open the door to take them out they get into position for me to pick them up.
There was some rain and the sheet got wet, however, Mick checked on them and they were dry. I don't know if chicks mind being wet. It was a chilly day, but warmer in the sun where the pen was set up.
I worry about winter and am reading various opinions. We are in south western Virginia. The winters are in the 30' and 40's for the most part. We have had frigid temps that have lasted for days on end.
One of the issues I have read about is moisture and ventilation.
I have a small coop from mypetchicken. It has worked so far, but they have not been in there for the winter.
BTW - I have been getting an egg about every other day. It is so cool. I don't know which one is laying though. Pauline is pecking me again. So I wonder if it is her.