Hi, I am Delta/Liz/RachL!
I'm Poultryland's top breeder. I've managed to breed some nice birds over many generations (hence why most of them are so inbred). My favourite bird ATM would have to be Sky Hayden, who's the all-blue one. That was too lucky, and he just went over 12 500. I never thought he'd get anywhere near the five-digit mark! :)
I've just bought a homeless Serama and named her Reika, in Japanese spirit. I hope everything turns out okay for the people over there, and wish for a speedy recovery.

Stirlin and Laurie have both been the hybrid champion, which spot I have ruled since mid-December last year. I also own the Sultan champion, whose daughter I expect will overtake her someday. LOL
I own four chickens, Feathers (Virgin), Eggie (Jetblue), LT (Qantas), and Cherry (Jetstar) and I like planes. I can tell what runway they land on down here. And I listen to Kennedy. which is great fun :) (Except I call it JFK now as a joke at anyone who actually calls it JFK. lol) I'm an avid watcher of Air crash investigations... anyone seen the Delta 191 episode? love it. And Speedbird 9 was pretty cool too.
I have a website: speedbird741.webs.com
Please pay it a visit if you're interested in reading The Story. I wrote this over the course of two nights. Let's hope Stanley is all right. Fingers crossed! I never ended up writing anything about his fate...

The Average: 16 424
Movie Count: 6 (The most recent, Virgin 628, is a 'moving' story about a flight that brings together two girls who hated each other at first sight in the terminal, and about decisions that have to be made, as well as what people are willing to do to make those decisions easier for the ones who have to make them. I'm currently working on Girlstar, a movie about not taking what doesn't belong to you.)
Current Obsession: The Leeds Guy's blog Well, it's more like his diary about how he learns to fly in Leeds. It's pretty interesting. I'm currently up to Part Three... I'm from Leeds, so it's kind of amusing when he talks about flying over places like Harewood House and Roundhay Park I haven't seen in eons. And he has a sense of humour, he does. Some parts of Part Two have had me in stitches...