Welcome to My Page!!!
A little about me:
Hello, and welcome to my profile! I'm Denali, but you can call me Den (It's not my real name, though). I'm almost 14 and I love to write, draw, sing, run, play, and spend time with my friends. At my house, I have a much-loved pit bull/boarder collie mix named Krissy, and an adorable westie at my dad's named Lucie. My aunt has an account on Back Yard Chickens, also, and she's the one who introduced me to the site. Her username is winekntrychicks.
I'm an animal fanatic, and my aunt has a three-acre ranch called Fallen Apple Farm. There are tons of fruit trees - among them apples, pears, pomagranites, Asian pairs, and plums - but most of all, there are all our hens/pullets, cockerels/roosters, and two beautiful dogs. There's a lot of names, but I'll be glad to list them all, so here you go!:

The two dogs- Missy Elvis and Chyna Chinese
Our "Big Birds" - Boceephus {AKA Roostie} (Our Seabrite Roo), Rosie (Blue and White Cochin), Midnyte (Barred Plymouth Rock), Sugar and Kujo Princess Buttercup (Our two Rhode Island Reds), and Eagle and Chika (Our EEs).

Our Silkie Band (Bantams) - Banjo (Rooster), Mocha-Pancake, Bloobird (Who is currently sitting on a grand total of seven eggs...whew!), and seven of Mocha's babies.
Our "Golden Trio" (All Silkies) - Kree (Roo), Lemon Snowflake (White-colored), and Onyx/CPP (Who is currently sick; see --> www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=190698 ).
Our "Bater Babies" (An incubater brood of Seabrite/EE Mixes) - Little Sweetie, Roostie Jr., Lucky Twinkletoes (Who has a twisted foot), Goldie, Little Spaz, and Raina.

About Denali:
Denali is my wolf character, as wolves are my favorite animals. She appears in a number of my stories, and I tend to draw her a lot... and boy do I mean a lot! I will put a picture of her on my profile soon, so I hope you can wait! = 3

Some Pictures of Fallen Apple Farm's Resident Animals:
Comming soon!
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