Here are some pics of the coop that i built for my chickens last year, I began construction in late June 2010.
It was originally going to be a 8 foot wide, 8 foot deep, and 4 foot high coop, but i kept changing the design as i went.
I NEVER wrote down any plans before starting, i basically just built what ever came into mind.


Here we have the start of what was going to be a small coop for 4 chickens


I added 4x2 inch welded wire around the frame, my first design was going to be a open coop, but then..........


I decided that a small barn looking coop would be cool, so i ditched the wire for now, and began to build an actual roof.


The coop is still 8 foot wide, 8 foot deep, and 4 foot high,but the way i did the rood, adds about 2 feet more so i would fit standing up.


Here we have some of the walls completed, and the pop door already cut out


The nest boxes are 14" wide and 16" tall


Here we have the finished nest box, and what will be the egg access door.



Here, the nest box has been attached to its permanent location, and i also added a window to the western side of the coop.


Nest box view from the inside of coop.


Here we can see the 2" roosts that are 3' 6" off the ground, I rounded off the edges so their feet wont hurt, and they are removable for easy cleaning.
And you can also see the window i added facing east, so they can see when the sun comes up


Here we have the run, it was originally going to be 16' wide, 16' Deep, and 6' tall, but i cut 2' from the depth to make it 14' deep.


This is the Eastern side..........


The western side..............


and the southern side with cut outs already made for vents, I used "Brick Red" as the coops paint.


and flat white for the trim.


Here you see some of my chickens enjoying their new home.

And here's an somewhat Ariel view of both coop, and run. I plan on making improvements this summer, like finish painting the trim, adding one vent to the northern side of the coop, and possibly adding a second run and pop door to the south side of the coop, or expanding the existing run .