Confession: we are just a couple of city folk hoping to not be so citified – in fact, the dream of our hearts is to live in a place a little more rural with a lot more elbow room, and the freedom to invest in a chunk of dirt that is actually our own. Truth be told – my husband is far less citified than I. He was born on a truck farm in the Ohio Valley, and has cousins there who own a dairy farm – well, one cousin owns several farms with each one having a different focus. We love visiting there and staying in the 150 year old farm house! For literal *years* I’ve been begging for chickens. My Dad was born in the deep South and grew up on farms – I heard tales of the glories of farm life the whole time I was growing up. I’m sure that’s where the longing started. My maternal Grandmother was from the Ozarks in Arkansas and grew up in town – where their plot had an acre – the street was named after her Dad, actually. They had a small barn, a horse (she was born in 1912), a pig, and chickens – along with a huge garden. Some of my early memories are out with Grandma in her Southern California garden.
So – I suppose it should be no surprise that I *love* our (rented) half acre, our large garden, the pets, the chickens – and most especially our family out of doors enjoying it all.
Here we will share some of our Chicken-related adventures!