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By ackp · Jun 1, 2015 · Updated Jun 1, 2015 ·
  1. ackp
    hello I have a little Easter eager chicken. We have named her Buckey (due to her top and bottom beak don't match) I have had this little chicken (and her 14 other siblings) since they were 3 days old ( born 4-30-15) didn't notice her problem until she was getting older. She seemed to be a bit smaller then the others. I noticed she was eating different then others. This is when I saw that her top beak was much longer then her bottom beak and curling around making it hard for her to eat. I started to file her top beak down to try to help her so she could eat. I noticed she did better eating something's that were a little more chunky. SoI bought some Minnie pellets grinded them a little bit up so she could eat a little better. It seemed to help some but still had some difficulty to eat and drink. So off to the vet we went. The grinded her beak a little bit more then I did. It seemed to help a little but I still feel that she isn't really getting her full food and water that she needs to survive. I didn't know if there was anyone out there that has run into this same problem and what did you do to make sure she survived. Was there some kind of food you have to feed her by a surynge. So many times a day to help her keep her strength? Pls help I feel that I'm loosing my Buckey.


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