Divine Bovine...Country Without the Cows

My goal at retirement was to move to the country and raise pygmy goats and chickens. Well, I've moved, but not exactly to the country. I live in a hobbit house on a long lot, with a field across the street. I can sit on my patio in the evening and watch the deer come out. Then I can buzz down the road 1.5 miles to Starbucks. No more laying in bed at night, playing guess that weapon when shots are fired. I'd say I have the best of both.
Anyway, got here too late to plant for spring, but have beds laid out for fall. Planning my chicken coop now - want to have no more than 6 hens; thinking Orpingtons and Wyandottes. Still doing a lot of research, but plan on blogging on the experience to my friends and family who have pretty much decided I've gone around the bend. Not sure how this works, will modify later. Off to install shelves so I can get my towels out of the box.