Several years back, I caught a few moments of the Martha Stewart show and saw a large bowl filled with beautiful eggs ranging from pale blue to a darker greenish blue. They were absolutely beautiful. She went on to explain what breeds of chicken produced these gems, and I knew I would eventually have to have some of these chickens!!
Fast forward about 9 years, and 800 miles south of my home in NJ, I found myself in rural TN with lots of land and the time to devote to learning about poultry genetics and proper husbandry and care. This also coincided with our decision to stop showing dogs so actively. After 25 years and lots of prestigous wins and awards garnered by dogs we have handled and/or bred we were ready for a break and a change!!!
After lots of research and time spent visiting shows and breeders, we settled on our breeds.....We raise Large Fowl Ameraucana in various different colors for show. We are also working on a Large Fowl Lemon Blue Cochin Project and we have some gorgeous Silkies that we hope to show and continue improving upon....These are all amazing breeds to live with and we hope to move forward and improve upon our great stock! Our Ameraucanas are from Pips & Peeps lines and Paul & Angela Smith's lines. We hope to improve the breed type and size on some of our Ameraucanas and we are still working on the parameters for our Cochin project. We are members of the APA, ABA and ABC. We are also NPIP Certified.