The nesting box & storage: (see The Eggplant)
We bought a kitchen island at Habitat for Humanity for $10
Cut it in half and put them side by side. For top storage, we used a door bought at H4H for $8.
Painted it with "oops" paint from Home Depot for $5

And Installed:

The feeders:
I made 2 of these for $12. After using them for a while, I:
1. Bought bigger caps for the bottom, so the extended piece is unnecessary. The feeders were an OK height for the standard birds, but the bantys were working too hard.
2. Cut the feeders shorter. Lifting a 50 pound bag over your head, while trying to balance it ON your hear and direct the pouring of the feed, in kitty heels, because you are late for work is NOT fun. Make them short enough you are not lifting the bag above your collar bone.
3. Painted the top caps bright colors, so I can't forget to put them on. The ONE TIME a year it rains, the wind blew horizontal, and I had some wasted feed. :p

The Brooder:

I got this brooder for free from a BYC-er. It needed some work, and thankfully the DH is a welder.