Does Anyone Know What Breed These Are

By hobby · Jan 14, 2013 · Updated Mar 20, 2013 · ·
  1. hobby
    I recently purchased my first chicks. Can anyone tell the breed form this pic?

    Here is a more recent picture. Are we still thinking SS and Barred Rock?

    These are the at 13 weeks. Any idea of the breed or sex? I think I know but would like some input. Especially on the brown chickens.

    Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

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  1. Chickenfan4life
    The brown ones look like speckled Sussex, Brown Leghorn, or partridge rock. Do you have any new pics of them? They should be more more feathered out...
  2. TheCrazyClucker
    I agree with chickenpooplady on the black chicks, but the brown ones have more of a campine-like feather pattern than speckled or partridge. (I think it may be partridge)
  3. chickenpooplady
    Very cute chicks! I agree that the black ones are barred rocks, but I don't know about the brown ones.
  4. Chickenfan4life
    The brown ones could also be partridge rocks.
  5. CusterChknLover
    I think Chickenfan4life is exactly correct! :)
  6. hobby
    Thank you. I couldn't decide if the brown were SS or Brown Leghorns.
  7. Chickenfan4life
    looks like the black ones are barred rock, and the brown ones are speckled sussex...

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