This was my 2nd coop, a modified dog house. I used the existing frame and roof and put it up on a base with hardware cloth on 3 sides, open to a small run for 6 pullets. I re-used the existing dog house sides with hinges and latches for a front door and 2 side doors. I was able to put a 4.5 foot 2x4 roost bar in the middle of it with 3 nest boxes underneath and a poop tray in between. When the pullets fully matured I gave 2 of them away (Crazy and Weirdo.) They were all RIR's and I didn't realize how mean they could be and my kids were getting pecked and afraid to even go out in the yard. Also, 6 was to many for such a small coop. 4 would be just right. This was such a zero cost project using the old dog house, and other materials we had on hand. I think in total I spent $40 for hardware cloth and a case of beer to get friends help move into place. It was super fun! In my most recent article, you can't even tell my coop started as this dog house but indeed it's in there..... Thanks to chicken math I've expanded several times since this original build.





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