Hi - my name is Phyllis and I've lived in NC for about 30 years. I've always loved animals and have been environmentally conscientious for as long as I can remember. I've also been involved in animal rights, but am not a radical about it.
I don't remember exactly how I became involved with animal rescue but have been a volunteer for several groups over the years that help dogs, cats and other animals. After adopting my third rescued dog, I decided I wanted to foster for rescue. About 8 years ago I moved from Cary - a very nice but proper town - to Sanford so that I could do just that. I bought 6 acres of land and had a beautiful modular home built on it, along with a small barn with a small, fenced pasture. My intention was to rescue two donkeys but that desire hasn't been fulfilled.
I currently have four dogs - Harley, Princess, Dandy and Zoe - all rescued in one fashion or another. I also have two cats - Smudge and Topaz - also both rescued. And I have a pair of beautiful doves that my granddaughter named Alex and Sarah that were given to me.
I was given two barred rock hens, who I named Ethel and Lucy, several years ago and that got me started with chickens. I just have them for pets and entertainment and enjoy their eggs very much. Then somebody gave me a rooster and one thing led to another and here I am - a BYC addict! I have 14 chickens of various ages - 1 black maran hen, two mixed buff orphington hens, a little rooster named Woodstock - I don't know what he is; three other roosters named Big Rooster (he's huge), Snow White and Beauty. I recently purchased three new chicks named Flora (a Brahma), Fauna and Merriweather (both EEs). I've taken four little RIRs (1 is yet another rooster!) from a friend's brother who could no longer take care of them. And I have two Gray Saddleback Pomeranium geese named Hansel and Gretel and one lonely Pharoa quail that was given to me b/c he was mean to the other quail.
Looking back, I don't know how my chickens survived - I guess ignorance is bliss. Now that I'm a regular on BYC, I've learned so much about providing a safer place for my birds and have fun making my little barn a little nicer looking. BYC is certainly an inspiring place!!
I will post pictures of all my pets and my place later.