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    [​IMG][FONT=georgia,palatino] I'm a First Timer [​IMG][/FONT]
    My hubby and I just purchased 1 buff orpington, 1 partridge rock, 1 barred rock, and
    5 easter eggers.
    Great selection I think for a 1st Timer.
    I'll be uploading more pics soon of the new additions to our family.
    Thanks so much to Amelia for all your help and advise.
    [​IMG] The New Additions
    [​IMG] This is "Miss Lucy"
    [​IMG] "Miss Lucy" and "Snowball

    [​IMG] "Miss Ethel" is in the center

    [​IMG] "Sassy Girl" was taking it easy her 1st day
    [​IMG] The Girls @ Play
    [​IMG] Hope all enjoy their new home. ​

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