We live in Eastern North Carolina where it is HOT in the summer and fairly mild in the winter. (Anyone 4 years old or younger has not seen snow here!) We live on an 80 acre farm with 50 or so acres of farm land that we lease, 5 acres of long leaf pine trees growing for the straw that they will produce and about 2 acres of yard around our one story brick home.
We have 80 +/- chickens with Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red & White, Welsummer, White Leghorn, and Cuckoo Maran making up the majority of our flock. We have 3 Mille Fleurs named Rudy, Little Roo and Miss Mama.Ameraucana,
We are a blended family with 3 children ages 18, 22, & 32. We have a grandson that is almost 2 that is supposed to be the reason that we got chickens in the first place...Welllll -- Nana wanted chickens for YEARS but Papa said no - Until this year!

We would love to hear from other like minded fowl folks in our area!